AMIS120 120W Mixer Amplifier

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The AMIS120 is a 4 channel, 120 watt mixer amplifier suitable for rack or desk mounting. The amplifier is a self contained compact unit of solid steel construction.

The AMIS120 has four universal input channels with separate level controls. Each channel will accept balanced or unbalanced microphone, line and auxiliary inputs. The unit has industry standard XLR microphone sockets and dual RCA auxiliary sockets for each channel. An electronically-balanced 600 ohm telephone input for paging is also provided. An insert point is also featured on the rear panel for those applications where an additional EQ or feedback exterminator may be required.

The AMIS120 features 70 volt, 4 & 8 ohm isolated transformer outputs, plus a tape recorder output by means of dual RCA sockets. A balanced 700mV XLR output is also provided to feed up to six power amplifiers. A vox triggered relay output is also available on the rear panel for activation of external devices from the vox muting circuit. In most cases this would be used as a muting bypass relay, which when used with the appropriate external attenuator will maintain paging levels irrespective of the attenuator setting.

The master volume can be controlled remotely. External VCA control would normally be via a pot connected to a two wire rear panel barrier strip.

A six position push button speaker zone selector with overriding ”all call“ is located on the front panel. Each of the six zone selectors switch the 70 volt speaker line output to six separate speaker zones. The ”all call“ selector overrides all 6 zones regardless of their on/off condition and places the 70 volt output to all six zones.

The AMIS120 comes standard with an in-built four tone generator module. Tones include Bell, Pre-Announce Chime, Alert Tone and Evacuate Tone. Any of these tones may be activated from a simple contact closure connected to the rear panel of the amplifier. A Pre-announce defeat switch is located on the front panel.

VOX muting is standard on the AMIS120. A mic or line signal on channels 1 or 2 will mute channels 3 and 4. The muting function can be disabled via an internal link.

Phantom Power (18V DC) is available from all mic inputs. A rear panel phantom power on/off switch is also provided.

Internal current limiting protects the amplifier from both overload and overdrive conditions. Australian Monitor Installation Series amplifiers feature a protection network that provides greater stability and performance. Our amplifiers are recognised worldwide for their reliability and this is due to the extensive levels of current limiting which protect the amplifiers from both overload and overdrive conditions.