Cameo WOOKIE 400 RGB Laser

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Cameo's Wookie 400mW laser comes with 32 stunning preset patterns as well as high-speed 5Kpps stepper motors that give you a coverage of 60-degree scan angle. This is a laser effect that can be controlled via a number of different methods including DMX, master, slave and standalone.

Tech Spec:

  • Animation laser with high speed 5 Kppsstepper motor
  • 60° scan angle
  • Precision beams with minimum divergence
  • 32 pattern presets
  • DMX, sound and infrared control plus auto function
  • Master, slave and standalone modes
  • Display with 4 function keys for easy manual operation
  • Rugged aluminiumenclosure with key switch
  • Includes handheld infrared remote