FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition Music Production Software (Download)

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Fruity Loops 20 Fruity Edition is a digital audio workstation that comes with a plethora of professional sound design and music production tools to assist you in creating professional sounding tracks with an intuitive workflow that is perfect for quickly laying down loops or building complete tracks. FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition is perfect for both aspiring music producers as well as professionals in need of a complete DAW that lets you reach your full potential.

FL Studio 20 Fruity Edition Music Production Software Key Features:

  • Multi-track recording, time-streching and pitch shifting
  • Pristine audio editing
  • Sequence with an industry leadnig piano roll editior for MIDI recording 
  • Pattern or linear workflow
  • Multi-track mixer wiyh automation control and VST plugin support
  • Mix and master to the highest professional standard
  • Browser and playlist help you sequence all elements of your projects
  • Over 80 plugins included
  • Vectorial interface
  • Multi-touch support for multi-touch monitor displays
  • MIDI learn for powerful MIDI controller linking
  • Automation recoring and editing
  • Live DJ control, powerful live performance clip-triggering
  • Visualise effects plugin render 4K videos straight from FL Studio 
  • VST & Rewire support
  • Advanced help system