Kam Stratosphere High Power Multi Colour Rotating Ball

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The Kam Stratosphere Ghost is a multi-beam, high-powered colour LED lighting ball with a futuristic style offering multiple sharp and powerful beams of red, green, blue, white, amber, and ultraviolet lights.

This disco mirror ball lighting effect features a 4-button control panel with a variety of built-in programmes that offers you complete control over the lighting effect's speed, colours, strobing, dimming, and direction. This Stratosphere mirror ball light effect can fill a dance floor with excellent lighting effects including rotation, creating a rich lighting effect with multicoloured light beams, thanks to its 96 lenses and 5 x 18watt full-colour 6-in-1 LEDs.

This Ghost Stratosphere in white is ideal for wedding disco lighting or to add a bit more interest to your disco lighting rig setup. The Ghost Stratosphere may be controlled via auto, sound-to-light, Master/Slave, and DMX modes, allowing for a variety of lighting effect combinations, including several Stratospheres when one mirror ball isn't enough.