Novation Circuit Tracks Groovebox All-in-One Studio

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Novation Circuit Tracks is an all-in-one studio unit that includes everything you would need to design, create and perform your music. The system consists of two synth tracks, two MIDI tracks, four drum tracks and a groovebox that provides a hands-on production workflow. Use the sequencer to create 32-step patterns which can link up to 256 steps sequences for each track. There is the ability to go off-grid with microtiming, and you can keep the music growing with probability and pattern mutate.

Tech Spec:

  • Two polyphonic digital synth tracks
  • Two dedicated MIDI tracks
  • Four drum tracks
  • Hands-on production workflow
  • Hands-on sequencer
  • FX options
  • Flexible connections
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3 Year Warrant from Novation