NU-X Duo Time Dual Delay Engine

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Duo Time is a digital delay pedal with dual simultaneous delays, each with independent time and repeat settings. A choice of five very different sounding delay models includes Analog, Tape, Digital, Modulation Delay, and a unique shimmering Verb delay. A choice of fully independent stereo or mono signal paths are possible, with an option to process a mono input to separate stereo outputs with different delay settings. Controlled via an on/off footswitch and a Tap Tempo footswitch, which also functions as a toggle for the OLED display when held. Add to this versatility a full 40-second looper function and you may never need another delay pedal in your rig except for this oneone.

  • 5 different delay type models
  • Two independent delay engines
  • Tap tempo switch
  • Full stereo, mono-stereo or full mono operation
  • Inbuilt 40 second phrase looper
  • Powered by external 9Vdc power supply (not included)
  • Compatible power adaptor 173.290UK