NU-X Fireman Dual Distortion Pedal

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Fireman is the Distortion element in the NU-X Verdugo series of multi-functional guitar effect pedals.
This stomp box emulates high gain modded amplifiers to deliver heavily saturated and compressed "brown sound" guitar tones. The pedal has a foot switch for effect on/off and another to switch between two independent sets of Gain and Volume settings, providing two distinct distortion effects.
These switches can also be operated remotely via a rear jack input. To get the tonal character just right, a line of four tone-shaping controls enable the player to adjust the overall frequency content and for extra expressiveness, a switch can be engaged on the rear of the pedal which multiplies the internal voltage to 18V to increase the dynamic range if required. A high gain monster pedal, which can serve as both lead and rhythm distortion in a single unit.
  • Dual independent Gain & Volume controls
  • Switchable internal voltage multiplier (9-18V)
  • Remote switch input jack
  • Powered by external 9Vdc power supply (not included)
  • Compatible power adaptor