Pioneer DDJ-1000 DJ Controller

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Pioneer DJ have crafted a professional 4-channel controller, the DDJ-1000, which is intended for dedicated use with Rekordbox DJ, Pioneer's DJ software performance application. This impressive new Rekordbox DJ controller offers a broad range of exciting effects and performance controls and unlocks the true potential of Rekordbox, making it perfect for digital DJs looking to expand their setup.

  • Portable DJ controller with club-style layout
  • Colour On Jog Display for quick reference and accurate performances
  • 14 Beat FX including new additions
  • Improved magvel fader
  • New FX: Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle – FX that add sound with a feeling of infinite rising or descending Low Cut Echo – echo-derived effect that cuts low frequencies of the echo sound
  • Multiple input/outputs enable different set-ups
  • Full size (ball bearing) CDJ jogwheels with tension adjustment
  • In-jog display screens showing waveform, track data, album artwork, hot cue and loop points, playback time and playback position.
  • 2 USB ports to connect 2 laptops at once

Pioneer's DDJ-1000 performance controller now operates with the latest version of VirtualDJ. You can control Hot Cues, effects, and much more utilising the DJ controller's professional interface while keeping track of essential information such as waveforms, playback time and the Colour On-Jog Displays.

VirtualDJ 2021 features Real-Time Track Separation technology enabling you to separate different parts of your song in real-time. Adjust the EQ knobs and utilise the performance Pads, to effortlessly create mashups and remixes live in the mix. This great new feature also works with tracks from streaming services such as Beatport Link.