Pioneer XDJ-RX2, DM-40 and HDJ-X5 DJ Equipment Package

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This Pioneer DJ Equipment Package Includes:

  • 1 x XDJ-RX2 DJ Controller
  • 2 x DM-40 Speakers
  • 1 x HDJ-X5 Headphones]

This Pioneer DJ Equipment Package provides you with an XDJ-RX2 Rekordbox DJ controller, a pair of DM-40 speakers, and a pair of HDJ-X5 headphones as well as a free copy of RekordBox v5.0, Pioneer’s own DJ and music management application, which is everything you need to get going and start getting creative.

The XDJ-RX2 is a standalone, all-in-one digital DJ controller that controls your digital music collection via USB devices or a PC/Mac running RekordBox v5.0. Both decks are equipped with eight tactile performance pads that allow you to use the hot cue, beat loop, beat jump, and slip loop functions at the touch of a button; there is also a range of professional features like jog wheels, long tempo faders, and jog modes. The middle section copies the look and feel of a DJM-450 mixer with the versatile sound colour and beat FX lifted from the 900NXS mixer. Above the mixer is a 7-inch, full-colour touchscreen that has been inherited from the CDJ-2000NXS2 and allows you to view relevant track information and rapidly navigate your music library.

The Pioneer DM-40 speakers come equipped with high-quality, fiberglass 4-inch woofers that produce a perfectly balanced, rich sound that is more than ideal for DJing, producing, and even general listening. Using a front-loaded bass-reflex design and DECO convex diffusers, these speakers provide you with fat bass frequencies and an excellent 3D stereo sound with a super-wide sweet spot and clear, energetic sonic capabilities. You can connect anything from your production or DJ setup thanks to the stereo RCA and mini-jack inputs which make this system a versatile sound solution for absolutely any home setup.