Pioneer XDJ-XZ, VM-50, & HDJX5 DJ Equipment Package Deal

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The Pioneer XDJ-XZ is the latest all in one DJ system and offers you groundbreaking functionality for every scenario. Pioneer have not just modelled the XDJ XZ after their NXS2 setup, but they have gone one step further and enabled deep integration with their club-standard range. You can unlock 4-channel potential if you integrate two additional players. Get flexible with your setup and add turntables, CDJs, DJS Samplers, or a combination of both.

The HDJ-X5 headphones set a new standard for sonic quality, especially for use in a loud environment. These are built to perform in high-pressure situations which is why so many professional DJs across electronic music use them. If you are a DJ that performs with MCs or vocalists you get two balanced mic inputs with a 3-band EQ control and a feedback reducer which is perfect for reducing any howling sounds. Making this perfect for small venues and mobile DJs. Buy this XDJ-XZ package and unlock your true creative potential.

Pioneer XDJ-XZ Features

  • Advanced features and user experience from NXS2 setup for pro performances
  • Support for various media and different performance styles
  • High-quality sound and multiple EQs
  • Pro DJ Link seamlessly syncs external equipment for expanded creative options
  • Touch screen and color On Jog Display
  • Three USB inputs (two top-loading for USB devices and one laptop connection) for smooth back-to-back performances and DJ handovers
  • 16 multicolored Performance Pads (8 per deck)
  • Mic input circuit produces clear audio, even with high input level
  • Robust, high-quality design
  • Single unit with grab handles for easy carrying and setup

Pioneer VM-50 Features

  • Clean, professional design
  • Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP
  • Wave Guide – Constant directivity horn, Silk dome tweeter
  • User-defined DSP settings
  • Auto Standby switch
  • 4mm hexagonal aluminium front baffle
  • 5.25 “Aramid Fibre woofer cone
  • Vortex Bass Accelerator

Pioneer HDJ-X5 Features

  • New 40-mm driver
  • 4-core twisted-structure cable gives superior left and right channel separation
  • Noise suppression and elaborate tuning: distortion-free sound
  • Rigorously tested and cleared the US Military Standard Shock test
  • Flexible, durable headband and a flexible swivel
  • Refined look and durable construction

This package includes:

  • 1x Pioneer XDJ-XZ All-In-One DJ System
  • 2x Pioneer VM-50 Studio Monitor Speakers
  • 1x Pioneer HDJ-X5 DJ Headphones
  • FREE Cables