Proel FLASH12XD Active 2-Way Speaker System

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The Flash12XD from Proel is a superior quality active PA loudspeaker system that offers incredible sonic reproduction as well as a build quality that will lasta long time. Perfect for mobile DJs looking for a solid performing active speaker to take on the road, which this is also easier than ever thanks to the easy carry handles and lightweight design.
The efficiency of the Class D amplifiers are perfect for those that want peak performance. With 600W RMS output and 1000W peak output, this is an extremely versatile speaker ideal for a multitude of applications. Whether that is club nights, live performances, conferences, or karaoke - the FLASH12XD can perform for all these occasions.

The Proel Flash 12 speaker also comes with sophisticated digital signal processing technology, such as the dynamic EQ functionality. This allows users an extra layer of control over whatever type of sound they are outputting — ideal for being able to adjust your sonic output depending on the type of event you are hosting. An electronic music event, for example, would require more low-frequency information to be a lot more present. Whereas a conference would require a much clearer and defined mid-range for speaking.

  • 2-way loudspeaker system
  • 1” high-definition compression driver with 1.35” VC and titanium diaphragm
  • Wide-coverage 90° x 60° constant directivity horn
  • 12” long-excursion woofer with 2.5” voice coil
  • 1000 W peak Class D power amplifier with SMPS
  • High-definition CORE LT DSP with Dynamic EQ
  • MIC and LINE inputs with independent level control
  • SPL MAX: 127 dB
  • Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Lightweight, compact and ultra-durable PP cabinet
  • 3 ergonomic aluminum handles for effortless transportation
  • Slanted symmetrical shape for the use as a stage monitor
  • Four M10 flying points
  • System type: 2-way vented enclosure
  • High Frequency Device: 1’’ compression driver with 1.35" voice coil and titanium diaphragm
  • Low Frequency Device: 12 woofer with 2.5 VC
  • Angular Coverage: 90° H x 60° V
  • Total Peak Power: 1000 W
  • HF Amplifier Continuous Power: 100 W Class AB
  • LF Amplifier Continuous Power: 400 W Class D
  • Power Supply: SMPS
  • Processing: CORE LT digital processor
  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Max SPL: 127 dB
  • Connectors: IN: Combo, XLR F MIX OUT: XLR M
  • Power Supply: 230 VAC or 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Weight: 19.0 kg (41.8 lb)
  • Floor Monitor Angle: 42°
  • Flying System: 4 x M10 - top/bottom
  • Cabinet Material: Polypropylene
  • Handles: 2 x sides, 1 x top aluminum
  • Mounting Pole: 1 x bottom
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 390 x 623 x 350 mm