QTX Mixcab-15 Portable PA System 150W with Mixer + USB/SD/FM/BT

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The Mixcab-15 is a powerful and versatile portable PA speaker by QTX, designed to deliver balanced full-range sound output for more demanding settings. It comes with several convenient features and options for connectivity, making it a reliable choice for various applications. Let's explore its features and technical specifications:


1. **High Power Output:** The Mixcab-15 is capable of up to 2 x 150W output when used in conjunction with the optional XCAB-15 extension cabinet, making it one of the most powerful portable PA speakers in the QTX lineup.

2. **Full-Range Sound:** The speaker is equipped with a 15" main driver and a 2" tweeter, providing balanced and full-range sound output with clear highs and deep lows.

3. **Portable Design:** The rugged moulded cabinet is built to withstand the rigors of transportation. It features inbuilt carrying handles and trolley wheels, making it convenient to move the speaker from one location to another.

4. **4-Channel Mixer:** The Mixcab-15 has a 4-channel mixer with dedicated EQ and echo effect settings for each channel. This allows for precise control over the sound and effects of individual audio sources.

5. **Multiple Playback Options:** The speaker supports various playback options, including USB and SD media playback, an FM tuner, and B/T wireless pairing, enabling playback from smartphones or tablets.

6. **Battery Operation:** The Mixcab-15 can be powered by mains power or a rechargeable 12V 9Ah sealed lead-acid battery, providing up to 4 hours of operation. When used at maximum output with the XCAB-15 extension cabinet, the battery life is up to 2 hours.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC) or 12Vdc
- **Battery:** 12V 9Ah (sealed lead-acid)
- **Battery Life:** Up to 4 hours (2 hours at max. output with XCAB-15)
- **Output Power:** 150W RMS (+ 150W with XCAB-15 cab)
- **Max. SPL:** 136dB
- **Main Driver:** 380mm (15")
- **HF Driver:** 50mm (2") Titanium compression unit
- **Controls:** Volume, Treble, Bass, Echo, Master Volume, Master Echo
- **Audio Source:** USB/SD player, FM tuner & B/T receiver
- **Bluetooth Version:** 4.2
- **Inputs:** 3 x jack/XLR combo, L+R RCA, 3.5mm jack
- **Speaker Output:** SPK connector (150W @ 4 ohms)
- **Line Output:** L+R RCA line out
- **Dimensions:** 680 x 445 x 370mm
- **Weight:** 16.98kg

The QTX Mixcab-15 is a powerful and versatile portable PA speaker that caters to various audio needs with its high output, portable design, and multiple connectivity options. It is well-suited for more demanding settings where a standard portable PA unit may not provide sufficient power and features. Whether used for live performances, events, or mobile DJ setups, the Mixcab-15 offers a reliable and impressive sound experience.