Reloop Concorde Blue

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The Concorde Blue cartridge from Reloop is a reliable, all-round performance cartridge. No matter what your style, this cartridge can stand up to everything you throw at it and keep offering great sound and reliable performance.  

The premium spherical stylus profile guarantees a high tracking ability, when set-up properly, that feels smooth and comfortable. The high output helps make sure you will be heard, in any environment. 

  • High-quality DJ cartridge
  • Designed by Ortofon
  • Stylish blue design
  • Exclusive to Reloop
  • Direct SME mounting for easy fitting to a DJ turntable
  • Spherical stylus profile
  • Low record wear
  • Great sound quality
Frequency Range: 20 - 18,000Hz
Output Voltage (5 cm/s): 6mV
Tracking Force Range: 2 - 5g
Recommended Tracking Force: 4g
Cartridge Weight: 18.5g