Akai MPK Mini MK3 25-Key MIDI Controller

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The Akai MPK Mini MKIII has been intelligently redesigned to serve as your entry-point into the world of electronic music production. Already part of a world-renowned series of keyboard controllers the mark 3 comes with a whole host of features designed for the modern music producer. With universal integration with any DAW, you don't need to worry about what software you use. The dynamic key-bed makes playing a nice experience. The pads and assignable controls mean you can control any aspect of your DAW or plugins simply by enabling your MIDI to learn function or equivalent. This is excellent for any beginner.


  • 25 Mini Keys Featuring Redesigned Gen 2 Keybed for Incredible Dynamic Expression & Precise Articulation

  • Brilliant OLED Display for Immediate Parameter Feedback

  • 8 Bankable MPC Performance Pads w/ Legendary Note Repeat and Full Level Functions

  • 8 Endless Knobs

  • 4-Way Joystick for Pitch & Modulation Control

  • Class-Compliant USB Connectivity

  • Built-in Arpeggiator

  • Sustain Pedal Input Jack

  • Superior, Sturdy Design & Build

  • 1500+ Sounds and Everything You Need for Pro Production – Complete Music Production Starter Kit including MPC

  • Beats, 6 Virtual Instruments (Bassline, Tubesynth, Electric, Hybrid 3, Mini Grand, Velvet) and 2GB of sound content