Pioneer DM-50D 5-inch Desktop Monitor System (pair)

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The Pioneer DJ DM-50D are powerful 5-inch 2-way bass reflex, active desktop monitor speakers. The speakers contain elements of the prevalent DM-40 units in addition to new features and components. As a result, the DM50Ds are robust and produce crystal clear quality sound. The speaker units are easy to use, tune and set up, are available in two colours, and sold as a pair.


  • Innovative Features
  • 2-Way Sound Mode
  • RCA, Mini Jack, TRS inputs
  • Front panel headphone socket
  • Front Volume Knob
  • Clever Design
  • 5-inch woofer
  • ¾-inch soft dome tweeter
  • New Class D amplifier
  • Redesigned DECO convex diffusers