Akai Professional LPD8 MK2 Laptop Pad MIDI Controller

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The Akai LPD8 MK2 MIDI pad controller is unrivalled in terms of pure pad performance. The new mk2 version of the LPD8 includes the same velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC pads as the flagship Akai Professional MPC X, giving you excellent pad quality in a pocket-size instrument that can handle the most dynamic performances, from punchy boom-baps to fast-paced finger drumming.

The LPD8 has eight RGB pads that give real-time feedback on your performances. To arrange your samples and audio files, use the bundled editing software to customise the colours. With eight rotary knobs, you have complete tactile control over your MIDI CC, plugin effects, or other settings.

Don't be misled by the compact look; the LPD8 pulls from the solid construction of standalone MPCs and is designed to travel with you. At any moment, this is the ideal companion for percussive pad playing.

  • 8 velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC pads for premium beat-making
  • 8 assignable rotary knobs to control DAW plugins, virtual instruments, and more
  • Sturdy, full-size USB jack
  • Program and CC Control Send functionality
  • Includes MPC Beats Music Production Software featuring thousands of drum samples and plugin instrument sounds.


  • (8) velocity-sensitive, RGB-lit pads
  • (8) 270° knobs
  • (4) UI buttons


  • 4 stored programs, configurable viafree downloadable editor software


  • (1) USB port

Dimensions (width x depth x height)

  • 12.1” x 3.2” x 1.3”
  • 306 x 81 x 34 mm

Weight 0.86 lbs.• 0.39 kg

Power Via USB