Broadband Absorber 2" Bevelled Edge - White (24" x 48" x 2") Acoustic Wall Panel

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The Broadway Broadband Absorber presents an attractive, 'easy-to-install' solution for acoustic treatment where maximum control over primary reflections is required. Made from high density six pound per cubic foot glass wool, the larger 24" x 48" (60.96cm x 121.92cm) Broadband features an increased surface area for great absorption. This makes it particularly effective at improving intelligibility in larger installations where the reverberant field and echo is excessive.

Broadband Absorbers are flush mounted on the wall using Primacoustic Surface impalers and can be 'butted-up' for complete wall coverage for maximum absorption or spread in an array to retain a sense of 'air' or natural ambiance in the room. This makes the Broadband particularly well suited to attenuate the reverberant field and improve the working environment in commercial installations such as noisy offices, call centres and boardrooms.

Broadway Broadband Absorbers come in a choice of 1-inch, 2-inch and 3-inch thick panels with your choice of a square or bevelled edge. Colour options include black, grey or beige.

  • Core MaterialFormed, semi rigid inorganic glass fibers
  • Density6.0 lbs. per cubic foot (96 kg/m3)
  • Fabric FacingAcoustically transparent polyester tweed
  • EncapsulationMicromesh on front and rear surface, resin treated edges
  • Absorption H2O< 2% by weight @ 120°F (49°C), 95% relative humidity
  • Temperature-20°F ~ 150°F (-29°C ~ 66°C)
  • Fire RatingClass-A/1 (ASTM E 84 / CAN/UL-S102)
  • MountingGalvanized steel impalers *not included
  • NRC1": 0.71, 2": 0.89, 3": 0.98