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The compact 900W low-level fog machine is an excellent tool for creating a captivating atmosphere in various settings, such as theatres, stages, films, and exhibitions. This fog machine uses standard smoke fluid, which runs over a tray of ice to produce a heavy, low-level fog that creeps along the floor, creating a dramatic and immersive effect.

**Key Features:**

1. **High Output:** The fog machine can produce an impressive 4000 cubic feet (113 cubic meters) of fog per minute, ensuring a dense and atmospheric fog effect.

2. **Ice Reservoir:** The machine has a built-in ice reservoir that can hold up to 5kg of ice, allowing for prolonged fog production. A full ice reservoir can last up to 3 hours of continuous operation, with a standby time of 12 hours.

3. **Fluid Level Sensor:** The fog machine is equipped with a fluid level sensor, which helps monitor the amount of smoke fluid remaining, ensuring that you are aware of when it needs to be refilled.

4. **Built-in Fan:** The fog machine features a built-in fan that helps disperse the fog quickly, creating an even and widespread effect.

5. **Timer Remote Control:** The machine comes with a timer remote control that allows you to control the output and time delay, offering flexibility in creating the desired fog effect.

6. **Easy to Use and Maintain:** The fog machine is easy to use, and the ice compartment is easy to drain for convenient maintenance.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
- **Power:** 900W
- **Reheat Time:** 4 minutes (approx.)
- **Fog Output (approx.):** 4000 Cu Ft (113m³) / min
- **Tank Capacity:** 0.8l
- **Ice Reservoir:** 5kg
- **Remote Cable Length:** 4.5m
- **Dimensions:** 450 x 310 x 260mm
- **Weight:** 7.5kg

The compact 900W low-level fog machine offers powerful fog output with the added visual effect of low-level creeping fog, creating an enchanting atmosphere in various entertainment and event settings. Its ice reservoir and fluid level sensor ensure continuous fog production with ease of maintenance. The built-in fan helps in quick fog dispersion, allowing for better control and distribution of the fog effect. With the included timer remote control, you can precisely adjust the fog output and time delay to suit your specific requirements. Whether for theatrical performances, stage productions, film shoots, or exhibition displays, this fog machine is an ideal tool for adding a touch of magic and mystery to any setting.