Denon LC6000 PRIME Performance Expansion DJ Controller

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The LC6000 PRIME, one of the top expansion DJ controllers, is a versatile piece of DJ gear with club-ready capabilities and great build quality. It is perfect for working professionals and aspiring DJs who want to expand their setup and play anywhere.

The top-tier Denon SC6000 was the inspiration for the LC6000 PRIME's elegant appearance, feel, and design. The LC6000 expansion DJ Controller was built to contain the most cutting-edge features and unique technology to improve your performances. Developed to seamlessly integrate with and enhance the characteristics of the SC6000.

The 8.5" jog wheel on the LC6000, which has a full-size jog wheel and will fit comfortably in your hand for scratching, mixing, and other uses, will help you work less laboriously. A 100mm dual-precision pitch fader, multi-function performance pads that can be set to specific effects or cue points in your favourite tracks, and sophisticated navigation controls that make it simple to explore records and make modifications while performing round out the unit's features.

  • Dedicated sub-layer control for SC6000, SC6000M, SC5000, SC5000M PRIME Media Players
  • DJ Controller for compatible applications: Virtual DJ, Algoriddim djay Pro AI & Serato DJ Pro
  • Familiar look and feel from Denon DJ’s flagship SC6000 Media Player
  • 8.5” jog wheel with tension adjust
  • HD colour jog wheel display
    (8) Multi-function performance pads
  • Dedicated loop control
  • Dedicated navigation control
  • 100mm dual-precision pitch fader
  • Pitch Bend buttons
  • Track search touch strip
  • USB Powered, Plug & Play