Digital Speaker Management System

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Digital Speaker Management System

Digital speaker management systems which incorporate crossovers, EQ and limiters for multi-amplifier and speaker setups. These units enable the sound system designer to accurately control the inputs for each power amplifier, providing an ideal matched output suited to each speaker enclosure and its surroundings. A 96kHz 32-bit floating point DSP processor has been utilised to ensure professional quality resolution, controlled either directly via the front panel or USB using the included software. Control can also be distributed through LAN by connecting a local network to the rear panel RJ45 connector, enabling remote speaker setups throughout a building. A high quality speaker management system, which is straightforward enough to use for basic PA systems, yet with enough features to satisfy the most demanding sound reinforcement applications.

  • Inputs: 8-band shelving or parametric EQ
  • Inputs: Phase and Gain correction
  • Outputs: Crossover types: L-R / Bessel / Butterworth
  • Outputs: 8-band parametric EQ
  • Outputs: Adjustable Limiter
  • All inputs/outputs independently controlled
  • USB interface with PC software included
  • Network connectivity for remote control
  • Software included for Win XP (PIII 500, 128MB RAM) or higher
  • Power supply115/230Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
  • Power consumption<25W
  • FuseT315mA
  • CrossoverHPF + LPF fully programmable per output
  • Filter typeLinkwitz-Riley; Bessel; Butterworth.
  • PC Com portUSB and LAN (RJ45)
  • CMRR65dB (50Hz-10kHz)
  • Input/output polarityIn phase (+) or reverse (-)
  • Input EQ8-band parametric EQ
  • Input Noise Gate-120dBu to +10dBu
  • Processor96kHz, 32-bit floating point DSP
  • MuteAny input or output channel
  • Limiter1 per output (adjustable)
  • Output EQ8-band: Hi/Lo-shelf or Para
  • Delay0-650ms per output
  • Frequency response20Hz-20kHz
  • Input impedance : balanced>10k Ohms
  • Output impedance : balanced<60 Ohms
  • Dimensions482 x 44 x 220mm
  • Weight 3.19kg