EM-95ML Lavalier Microphone with In-line Amplifier for Smartphones and DSLRs

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The EM-95ML Lavalier Microphone with In-Line Amplifier is designed to facilitate professional-quality recordings using smartphones and DSLRs. Here are the key features and benefits of this microphone:

1. In-Line Amplifier: The microphone includes a clip-on in-line amplifier that is specially designed to maintain audio clarity while boosting the output level. This feature ensures clear and broadcast-worthy recordings by providing a clean signal with increased volume.

2. Rechargeable Battery: The in-line amplifier incorporates a built-in rechargeable battery. This allows for extended use throughout the day without the need to constantly replace batteries, providing convenience and reliability.

3. Real-Time Monitoring: The in-line amplifier also allows for real-time monitoring by enabling the direct connection of headphones. This feature enables you to monitor the audio as it is being recorded, ensuring optimal levels and quality.

4. Adjustable Gain: The microphone system offers adjustable gain on the amplifier, allowing for precise level control. This feature enables you to fine-tune the microphone sensitivity to match your specific recording requirements.

5. Omnidirectional Condenser Design: The included lavalier microphone utilizes an omnidirectional condenser design. This design captures sound from all directions, ensuring that all the rich details of your voice are captured with warmth and accuracy.

6. Versatile Compatibility: The EM-95ML microphone is suitable for use with both smartphones and DSLRs. It offers flexibility in recording situations, whether you are capturing on-the-go recordings, podcasts, video productions, live streams, or other audio applications.

7. Foam Windscreen: The microphone comes with a foam windscreen included. This windscreen helps reduce unwanted wind noise and plosive sounds, ensuring cleaner and clearer recordings, especially in outdoor or windy environments.

8. USB-C Recharging: The microphone's rechargeable battery can be conveniently recharged via USB-C using the included cable. This provides ease of use and compatibility with various charging devices.

The EM-95ML Lavalier Microphone with In-Line Amplifier offers a comprehensive solution for achieving high-quality audio recordings in a variety of applications. Its combination of a premium lavalier microphone, in-line amplifier, adjustable gain, and real-time monitoring capability makes it a versatile and convenient tool for content creators and professionals alike.