FL Studio 20 Signature Edition Music Production Software (Download)

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Fruity Loops Signature Edition is a highly-advanced digital audio workstation that is filled to the brim with a plethora of high-quality professional sound design and music production tools which allow you to build and create professional sounding music with a fluid workflow and is excellent for quickly making loops or crafting full-on tracks. FL Studio 20 Signature Edition comes equipped with additional plug-ins including Harmless, NewTone, GrossBeat and Pitcher alongside other high-quality audio processors. FL Studio is great for both professional and aspiring DJs looking for a creative DAW that will take your music to the next level.

FL Studio 20 Signature Edition Music Production Software Key Features:

  • Multi-track recording, time-streching and pitch shifting
  • Pristine audio editing
  • Sequence with an industry leadnig piano roll editior for MIDI recording 
  • Pattern or linear workflow
  • Multi-track mixer wiyh automation control and VST plugin support
  • Mix and master to the highest professional standard
  • Browser and playlist help you sequence all elements of your projects
  • Over 80 plugins included
  • Vectorial interface
  • Multi-touch support for multi-touch monitor displays
  • MIDI learn for powerful MIDI controller linking
  • Automation recoring and editing
  • Live DJ control, powerful live performance clip-triggering
  • Visualise effects plugin render 4K videos straight from FL Studio 
  • VST & Rewire support
  • Advanced help system