Gemini CDM-4000BT Dual CD Mixer Combo with Bluetooth

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The Gemini CDM-4000BT is a versatile multimedia player designed to cater to various audio sources, making it an ideal cost-effective DJ tool. This all-in-one DJ solution is suitable for both fixed installations and mobile setups, making it a perfect fit for mobile entertainers, clubs, bars, educational institutions, music venues, live events, and house parties.

Featuring two independent channels, each equipped with a dedicated jog wheel, the CDM-4000BT allows you to effortlessly navigate tracks, execute pitch bends, and even engage in scratching. The tempo fader provides precise control for beat-matching your music. Additionally, it boasts a powerful integrated Looping section that grants you the ability to finely shape your songs, enabling creativity at its peak.

For added convenience, this Dual Bluetooth multimedia DJ player offers single and continuous playback modes, complemented by an instant-start function for maximum flexibility. Its playlist creation support eliminates the need for constant DJ intervention, making it ideal for establishments like bars and restaurants seeking to provide background music seamlessly.

A central mixer section provides comprehensive music control, featuring 2-band EQ controls, gain control, volume fader, and an input selector per channel. The array of input and output options allows easy connection to external gear such as monitors, microphones, headphones, amplifiers, and recording devices. Two sizeable blue-backlit LCD screens, one for each channel, display essential information like track title, artist, remaining time, pitch value, and track number for efficient playlist and track navigation.

To ensure uninterrupted performances, the CDM-4000BT is equipped with anti-shock RAM buffer memory, effectively mitigating vibrations and external disturbances. Its robust construction is built to withstand everyday wear and tear, delivering the clear and reliable sound you desire while bridging the gap between affordability and powerful functionality.

Key Features: Player Section:

  • Compatible with Audio CDs, CD-Rs, and MP3-CDs
  • USB input for connecting USB storage devices
  • Anti-shock technology with RAM buffer memory
  • Large blue-backlit LCD display
  • Three jog modes: Scratch, Search, and Pitch Bend
  • Instant-start and Cue with Preview
  • Fader-start capability
  • +10 track button for quick navigation
  • Single and Continuous play modes
  • Seamless looping with reloop function
  • Pitch bend via jog wheel or buttons with +/- 16% range
  • Frame-accurate track search
  • Rubber jog wheels with finger grips
  • Variable pitch control with +/- 12% range

Mixer Section:

  • 2-band EQ with Gain Control
  • 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch headphone output
  • XLR balanced outputs and 1/4-inch microphone input
  • Auxiliary inputs for line devices

The Gemini CDM-4000BT is your go-to choice for a reliable and feature-rich DJ player that suits various applications, all without breaking the bank.