Numark NS4FX 4-channel DJ Controller

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The success of a DJ's career depends on their creativity and individuality, and the Numark NS4FX's extensive features enable them to do just that when they play! DJs may mix tracks, samples, loops, and more from up to four DJ software decks at once with the Numark NS4FX DJ controller, and they have total audio control over four different channels. The four channels of NSFX have big rotational high pass/low pass filter knobs, separate premium-quality volume faders, and a three-band EQ with complete kills. Moreover, there are crossfader assignment switches on the front panel that allow each channel to be assigned to either side A or side B of the crossfader or can be used to completely bypass the crossfader.

  • 4 channel DJ controller with dedicated volume faders
  • Large Filter knob on each channel
  • 6” capacitive-touch jog wheels with multicolour display
  • Layer buttons on each hardware deck to control up to 4 software decks
  • FX section with 6 selection buttons, parameter controls and 2 toggle switches
  • Dedicated loop sections with multiplier controls
  • Crossfader assignment switches on each channel
  • 8 performance pads on each deck with pad mode selection buttons
  • Long pitch faders with pitch bend buttons
  • Dedicated Sync, Cue/Stop, and Play/Pause buttons
  • 3-band EQ on each deck with full kill
  • Summed microphone and main output audio over USB for livestreaming
  • High-quality 24-bit audio
  • Balanced XLR Main output
  • RCA Booth output
  • Front 1/4” microphone input with volume and tone controls
  • Additional rear 1/4” microphone input with controls (switchable to Aux with RCA inputs)
  • 1/4” and 1/8” headphone output jacks
  • Serato DJ Pro upgrade ready