Pioneer DJ PLX-500 Direct Drive Turntable (Black and White)

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Introducing the Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive DJ Turntable, the ultimate choice for vinyl enthusiasts seeking premium-quality sound.

Built with the same precision and craftsmanship as its predecessor, the PLX-1000, the PLX-500 ensures superior analogue performance and durability. With its advanced features, you can now easily convert your cherished vinyl collection into high-quality WAV files, preserving the essence of your music. The process is simple and hassle-free, allowing you to digitize your records effortlessly. Moreover, the rekordbox software intelligently detects silences between tracks, creating separate files for each song, enabling you to record entire albums seamlessly without interruption.

The PLX-500's innovative audio routing ensures minimal distortion by reducing the distance between the stylus and the output. Its phono and line outputs enable direct connection to your powered speakers or sound system, providing pristine audio reproduction.

Designed with high-torque performance in mind, the Pioneer PLX-500 is the perfect turntable for DJs who enjoy mixing and scratching. Its robust design and precise control make it an excellent choice for DJs who demand top-notch performance. Additionally, when paired with a high-performance battle mixer, you can create the ultimate setup for scratch DJs. For digital DJs, the PLX-500 is compatible with the rekordbox DVS plus pack, allowing seamless integration with digital files (requires RB-VS1 Control Vinyl and a compatible DJM mixer).

Experience the exceptional sound quality and versatility of the Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive DJ Turntable, the ideal choice for vinyl enthusiasts and DJs alike.

Experience the pinnacle of analogue playback with the Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive DJ Turntable. Building upon the exceptional quality of its predecessor, the PLX-500 inherits superior analogue performance from the renowned PLX-1000 model. Its short stylus-to-output routing minimizes distortion, ensuring pristine audio reproduction.

Take your vinyl collection into the digital realm effortlessly with the PLX-500. Simply connect the turntable to your laptop via USB and utilize the rekordbox software. This powerful combination allows you to digitize your vinyl records in high-quality WAV format. Moreover, the intelligent rekordbox software automatically detects silences between tracks, seamlessly creating separate files for each song. Say goodbye to manual track splitting and enjoy recording entire albums without interruption.

For DJs seeking optimal performance, the high-torque direct-drive mechanism of the PLX-500 is perfect for mixing and scratching. Enhance your digital DJing experience by pairing the turntable with the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack. This combination enables you to play and perform with digital files when using a compatible DJM mixer and the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl (available separately).

Not only does the PLX-500 excel in performance, but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design inspired by the professional PLX-1000 turntable. Choose between the black (PLX-500-K) and white (PLX-500-W) versions to match your gear or complement the interior of your home.

Complete your listening experience with the convenient dust cover of the PLX-500, which doubles as a stand for displaying record sleeves. Appreciate the warm sound of your vinyl records while simultaneously showcasing their captivating artwork.

Elevate your vinyl journey with the Pioneer PLX-500 Direct Drive DJ Turntable, where cutting-edge technology meets timeless music appreciation.

PLX-500 specifications

  • Power requirements: AC 100 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Power consumption : 11 W
  • Main unit weight :10.7 kg
  • Max. dimensions (WxHxD) :450 mm x 159 mm x 368 mm
  • Output :RCA × 1, USB (type B)


  • Drive method:Servo type direct drive
  • Motor:3-phase brushless DC motor
  • Braking system:Electronic brake
  • Rotation speed:33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm
  • Rotation speed adjustment range :±8%
  • Wow and flutter : 0.15% or less WRMS
  • S/N ratio: 50 dB or above
  • Turntable: Aluminium die-casting Diameter: 332 mm
  • Starting torque : 1.6 kgf・cm or more
  • Start time: Within 1 second (at 33 1/3 rpm)

Tone arm

  • Arm type: Universal type S-shape tone arm, gimbal-supported type bearing structure, static balance type
  • Effective length: 230.5 mm
  • Overhang: 16 mm
  • Tracking error: Within 3°
  • Arm height adjustment range: 6 mm
  • Stylus pressure variable range: 0 g to 4.0 g(1 scale 0.1 g)
  • Proper cartridge weight : 9.5g or less (single cartridge)


  • Cartridge type: VM type

Included accessories

  • Slip mat, Dust cover with jacket stand, Adapter for EP record, Balance weight, Headshell (with
  • cartridge), Shell weight, Power cord, USB cord, Audio conversion cord(Stereo pin plug (female) –
  • Stereo mini plug(male)), Operating instructions

Headshell specifications

  • Weight:10.0g
  • Shell length:52 mm
  • Finger Length:21mm