QTX Busker-15 Portable Speaker with VHF Mics, Media Player and Bluetooth Connectivity

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The QTX Busker-15 is a versatile and complete portable PA speaker designed for buskers, street performers, small events, and mobile entertainment setups. It comes in a super-robust cabinet with a built-in amplifier and various input options, making it a reliable and convenient all-in-one solution for on-the-go audio needs. Let's explore its features and technical specifications:


1. **Output Power:** The Busker-15 has a total output power of 100W, providing sufficient volume and sound coverage for various outdoor and small to medium-sized indoor events.

2. **Built-in Rechargeable Battery:** The speaker can be powered using the internal rechargeable 12V 7Ah sealed lead-acid battery, allowing for up to 6 hours of operation. It can also be powered via a mains power supply.

3. **Wireless and Wired Microphones:** The speaker comes with two wireless VHF handheld microphones with echo effect, providing easy and convenient vocal performance options. It also includes two extra wired microphone inputs for additional flexibility.

4. **Multiple Audio Sources:** The Busker-15 features an integral USB/SD/FM media player, enabling playback from USB drives, SD cards, or FM radio. It also includes a Bluetooth receiver for wireless audio streaming from compatible devices.

5. **Retractable Handle and Wheels:** The built-in trolley facility with a telescopic carry handle and wheels allows for easy transportation of the speaker to various locations.

6. **Microphone 'Voice-Over' Function:** The switchable microphone 'voice-over' function enables automatic reduction of the media volume when using the microphones, ensuring clear and seamless announcements during performances.

7. **Control Panels:** The front-mounted control panel allows easy adjustment of VHF mic volumes, media volume, and media transport controls. The rear panel provides control over guitar volume, echo, wired mic volume, bass, treble, and master volume.

8. **Input Options:** The Busker-15 offers various input options, including two wired mic inputs (jack), an instrument input (jack) for connecting guitars or other instruments, and an aux input (RCA & 3.5mm) for connecting external devices.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Frequency Response:** 50Hz - 16kHz
- **SPL @ 1W/1m:** 96dB
- **Main Driver:** 380mmØ (15")
- **Power Supply:** 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
- **Impedance:** 4 Ohms
- **HF Driver:** Compression driver
- **Wireless Microphone Frequencies:** 174.1MHz + 175.0MHz
- **Battery Life:** Up to 6 hours
- **Recharge Time:** 8 hours
- **Battery Type:** 12V 7Ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid
- **Controls:** Front panel VHF mic volume A + B, Media volume, Media transport controls
- **Controls (Rear Panel):** Guitar volume, Echo, Wired mic volume, Bass, Treble, Master
- **Inputs:** 2 wired mic (jack), instrument (jack), aux (RCA & 3.5mm)
- **Line Output:** RCA
- **Bluetooth Version:** 2.3
- **Dimensions:** 720 x 470 x 450mm
- **Weight:** 14.5kg

The QTX Busker-15 provides a comprehensive and versatile audio solution for performers who need portability, flexibility, and high-quality sound output. With its wireless microphones, multiple input options, built-in media player, and rechargeable battery, the Busker-15 is well-suited for busking, small events, and mobile entertainment setups, offering reliable performance and convenience in a robust and portable package.