QTX PB-7 High Power Foldable LED PAR Bar Kit

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The QTX PB-7 High Power Foldable LED PAR Bar Kit is a convenient and portable lighting solution designed for mobile DJs and artists who require quick setup and easy transportation for their lighting effects. The foldable PAR bar kit comes with 4 high-power Cans, each equipped with 7 x 3W RGB LEDs, offering vibrant and smooth color blending options. Let's take a closer look at its features and technical specifications:


1. **High-Power RGB LEDs:** Each PAR Can is fitted with 7 x 3W RGB LEDs, providing bright and colorful lighting effects for your performances and events.

2. **Onboard Full Color Mixing:** The PAR bar features onboard full color mixing, allowing you to create a wide range of colors and effects without the need for additional equipment.

3. **Quick and Simple Fold-Away Design:** The foldable design of the PAR bar makes it easy to set up and collapse for transportation, ensuring a hassle-free experience during gigs and events.

4. **Control Options:** The lighting effects can be controlled through multiple options, including the rear panel controls, the included foot controller, or DMX control for more advanced setups.

5. **Auto Modes and Sound-to-Light:** The PAR bar offers 16 pre-programmed auto modes and sound-to-light functionality, which synchronizes the lighting effects with the music being played, adding dynamic visual impact to your performances.

6. **DMX Compatibility:** The PAR bar is DMX 512 compatible and offers different channel modes (1, 3, 7, 12, or 16 channels) for flexible and precise control when using DMX controllers.

7. **Master/Slave Mode:** The master/slave mode allows multiple units to synchronize their lighting effects without the need for a DMX controller, creating a coordinated light show.

8. **Complete Kit:** The kit includes the PAR bar, stand, foot controller, and a padded case for easy and secure transportation.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **LED Type:** 3W RGB
- **LEDs Per PAR Can:** 7
- **LED Safety Standard:** BSEN62471:2008
- **Beam Angle:** 25°
- **DMX Channels:** 1, 3, 7, 12, or 16 channels
- **DMX Protocol:** DMX512
- **Master/Slave:** Yes
- **Control Options:** Rear Panel, Foot Controller, DMX
- **Auto Modes/Sound-to-Light:** 16 Pre-Programmed Modes
- **Onboard Color Mixing:** Yes
- **Maximum Height:** 1.69m
- **Power Supply:** 110-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
- **Power Consumption:** 100W
- **Fuse Rating:** T7A
- **Dimensions:**
- PAR Bar: 1140mm x 290mm x 60mm
- Collapsed: 570mm x 290mm x 120mm
- Carry Bag: 700mm x 430mm x 280mm
- **Weight:**
- Carry Bag When Full: 10.8kg
- Stand: 2.55kg

The QTX PB-7 High Power Foldable LED PAR Bar Kit offers a complete and versatile lighting solution with a range of control options, making it suitable for various performance settings. Its foldable design, lightweight components, and padded case ensure easy and secure transportation between venues. With its high-power LEDs, color mixing capabilities, and various control modes, this PAR bar kit provides a visually captivating lighting experience for mobile DJs and artists.