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The 100V line amplifiers with an integral mixer in a 2U rack-mountable housing are versatile and comprehensive control centres designed for commercial sound installations. They offer a range of input options and features, making them ideal for various applications in public address systems and background music setups. Let's delve into their features and technical specifications:


1. **Rack-Mountable Design:** The amplifiers come in a 2U 19" rack-mountable housing with supplied rack ears, making them easy to integrate into standard rack setups.

2. **Multiple Input Channels:** The amplifiers feature 5 input channels, including:
- Balanced XLR microphone input with switchable +20V phantom power, suitable for condenser microphones and paging microphones with chimes.
- 2 mic/line jack inputs.
- 2 RCA line inputs.
- 1 RCA line output.

3. **Voiceover Feature:** The amplifiers have a switchable 'voiceover' feature, allowing prioritization of specific audio sources when activated.

4. **Inbuilt Media Player:** The amplifiers include an inbuilt media player with SD, USB, and Bluetooth inputs, as well as an integrated FM radio tuner, providing flexible audio source options.

5. **Speaker Output Options:** The amplifiers can power either low impedance (8 ohm) speakers or 100V line speakers, making them suitable for different speaker setups.

6. **Emergency Mute Contacts:** The amplifiers have 24V emergency mute contacts, which can be triggered to mute all audio except for Mic 1 input, ensuring important announcements are heard during emergencies.

7. **Power Options:** The amplifiers can be powered using mains power (110/240Vac, 50/60Hz) or 24Vdc (screw terminals), offering flexibility for different installation scenarios.

8. **Editable Bluetooth ID:** The amplifiers support Bluetooth version 5.0 and allow for the Bluetooth ID to be edited, enabling unique pairing and identification.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Mains Power:** 110/240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
- **DC Power:** 24Vdc (screw terminals)
- **Inputs:** Mic XLR, 2 x mic/line jack, 2 x RCA line
- **Input Sensitivity:** Mic 1 (balanced) -53dBV
- **Input Impedance:** Mic 15k Ohms
- **Input Sensitivity:** Line (unbalanced) -15dBV (-18.5dBV line 5)
- **Input Impedance:** Inputs 2-51k Ohms
- **Line Output:** RCA
- **Controls:** Mic1, mic/line2+3, line4+5, bass, treble, master volume
- **Equalizer:** Bass 100Hz ±10dB
- **Equalizer:** Treble 10kHz ±10dB
- **Rear Panel Switches:** Phantom, Vox, Mic/Line (2 + 3)
- **Phantom Power:** +20V (Mic 1 input)
- **Audio Source:** USB/SD player, FM tuner, and Bluetooth receiver
- **Emergency Control:** 24V contacts - mute all except Mic.1 when triggered
- **Bluetooth Version:** 5.0
- **THD:** <1.0%

These 100V line amplifiers with integral mixers are highly versatile and feature-rich, offering a comprehensive solution for commercial sound installations in various settings. From their multiple input channels and media player to the voiceover feature and speaker output options, they provide a wide range of functionalities to meet the needs of professional audio installations. Whether used in public address systems, background music setups, or other commercial applications, these amplifiers deliver reliable performance and flexible control options for enhanced audio experiences.