Pioneer XDJ-700 Rekordbox Multiplayer

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The Pioneer XDJ-700 has a fully integrated 7 inch, full-colour, LED touch screen which is simply ideal for displaying the key functions of the DJ player including browse, play and perform.  The browsing option has also been enhanced with the use of a QWERTY keyboard, enabling a keyword to be entered to search in addition to the usual method of using the rotary dial to scroll through the options. 

The well thought out design of the XDJ-700 is evident through its compact design yet it has not compromised on any of the superb features. Instead, a multiplayer has been built for use in venues looking to save on space or any home set-up.  The size of the unit itself is 238mm (W) x 308mm (D) x 106mm (H) or if the stand is not needed then 79mm in height.


Pioneer's XDJ-700 has several top-quality features crammed within its casing, including Auto Loops, Hot Cues, Beat Sync, Quantize and Slip Mode to name a few.  In addition to this it is the very first multiplayer, at its price point, to incorporate the Pro DJ Link feature.  This specially incorporated feature enables up to four players or laptops to share one source between all of them, including the sharing of Beat Sync, Phase Meter, Key Analysis and Beat Count information.

DJs can use Rekordbox or the Rekordbox app to plan their sets and the pleasingly large touch screen will display all the essential information including Beat Countdown, Active Loop, Wave Display with Wave Zoom, Key Analysis Indicator and Phase Meter.

Music can be loaded onto the Multiplayer from a computer, laptop or Smartphone through a USB or Wi-Fi connection or a USB storage device as an entity.  It should be noted that the XDJ-700 uses and displays data (including preference settings) from Rekordbox software, therefore the device that stores the music library has to be running the Rekordbox software or Rekordbox app.  It is also worth noting that any USB device charges when connected to the usb touch screen controller.  Finally the Multiplayer is fully MIDI compatible.

What more could you ask for at such an outstanding price