Easy Karaoke 'Girls Night In' Bluetooth® Party Machine + 1 Microphone & CD

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This Easy Karaoke compact system is ideal for an evening of fun and entertainment. Connect your Bluetooth® device to sing along to your favourite songs, or go wild with One Direction, Britney and more... hook it up to your TV and sing the night away - Go girls!

Simply plug into any TV and play. Song lyrics appear on your television (when using CDG karaoke discs) - cables included.

• Bluetooth® enabled, stream songs and lyrics from your tablet or mobile
• Auto voice control
• Microphone volume control
• 2 microphone sockets
• Echo effects control
• Headphone socket
• CD/cDG/cD-R and cD-RW compatible

AV cable
1 microphone included
Demo disc

• Mains powered
• Microphone cable length 2.5m.
• Dimensions: H 7.3 x W 20.3 x D 21.3 cm