QTX LED Bubble Fog Machine QTFX-LBF1

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The QTX LED Bubble Fog Machine QTFX-LBF1 is an impressive effects machine that combines high-density bubbles with a powerful fogger to create a stunning smoke-filled bubble experience. This unit is perfect for parties and events, adding an exciting and colorful visual effect to the atmosphere.

**Key Features:**

1. **High-Output Fogger:** The 900W fogger can produce up to 5000 cubic feet of fog per minute, creating a dense and immersive fog effect.

2. **High Output Bubble Machine:** The bubble machine features 10 wands, allowing for a high output of bubbles to create a captivating bubble-filled environment.

3. **Bright RGB LED Lights:** The front panel of the unit houses 12 bright 1W RGB LED lights, which highlight the stream of bubbles and add vibrant colors to the effect.

4. **Multiple Control Options:** The unit comes with a fully functional wired controller with button control and an LCD display for easy operation. Additionally, it is DMX compatible with 10 channels, providing more precise control over the effects. The included RF wireless remote allows for convenient wireless control.

5. **Hard-Wearing Construction:** The unit is made of hard-wearing steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

6. **Optimized Air Flow:** With three fans inside (1 front, 2 rear), the machine ensures optimum air flow, enhancing the bubble and fog effects.

7. **Quick Drain Tap:** The unit has a quick drain tap at the rear for the bubble fluid, making maintenance and refilling easy.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
- **Fuse:** F5A
- **Power:** 900W
- **DMX Channels:** 10CH
- **Warm-Up Time:** 3-5 minutes
- **Remote Control Frequency:** 433Mhz
- **Fog Output (approx.):** 5000cuft/min
- **Tank Capacity:** 1.2 Litres (fog)
- **Number of Wheels:** 1
- **Number of Wands per Wheel:** 10
- **LED Power:** 12x 1W RGB
- **Dimensions:** 550 x 255 x 315mm
- **Weight:** 6.7kg

The QTX LED Bubble Fog Machine QTFX-LBF1 is a versatile effects machine that combines the fun of bubbles with the mystique of fog to create an engaging and visually stunning atmosphere. With its high output, bright RGB LED lights, and various control options, this machine offers endless creative possibilities for enhancing events, parties, and performances. The durable construction and optimized air flow ensure reliable performance and ease of use. Whether operated with the wired controller, RF remote, or integrated into a larger DMX-controlled setup, the QTFX-LBF1 is sure to captivate audiences and add a touch of magic to any occasion.