EM-93MK Complete Mobile Vlogger Kit for Smartphones and DSLRs - Microphone and LED Light Kit

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The EM-93MK Vlogger Kit from Mackie is designed to provide a complete mobile video production solution for vloggers and content creators. Here are the key features and components of the kit:

1. EM-93M Ultra-Compact Microphone: The kit includes the EM-93M ultra-compact microphone, which is designed to provide clear audio for your videos. It comes with both furry and foam windscreens to reduce wind noise and enhance audio quality, ensuring professional sound in your recordings.

2. Variable Temperature LED Video Light: The kit features a super-bright LED video light with a variable temperature setting. This allows you to adjust the light's color temperature according to your needs, providing optimal lighting conditions for your videos. The light also comes with a diffuser to soften the light output and an LCD display for easy adjustment.

3. Universal Phone Mount: The kit includes a universal phone mount, allowing you to securely attach your smartphone to the tripod or extension pole. This ensures stable and steady footage while recording.

4. Handheld Tripod and Extension Pole: The kit provides a versatile gimbal tripod that can be used for both desktop and handheld shooting. The tripod offers stability and flexibility, allowing you to capture smooth and steady footage. Additionally, the included extension pole allows for higher camera positioning and wider shooting angles.

5. Three Cold Shoe Mounts: The LED video light features three cold shoe mounts, making it easy to attach the microphone, additional accessories, or even multiple lights for customized setups. This allows for efficient and convenient setup without the need for extra adapters or clamps.

6. Carry Bag: The kit comes with a carry bag for easy transportation and storage of all the components. This ensures that your equipment remains protected and organized while on the go.

The EM-93MK Vlogger Kit provides vloggers and content creators with a comprehensive solution for professional-quality mobile video production. With its compact size, versatile components, and included carry bag, it offers convenience and ease of use for creating engaging content anywhere, anytime.