Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

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The Scarlett 18i8 USB Audio Interface is a powerful and versatile audio interface designed to cater to bands and musicians who want to record studio-quality music in their own space. It offers a wide range of inputs and features that make it a comprehensive solution for multi-track recording and monitoring.

**Key Features:**

1. **Inputs:** The interface features four XLR/Line inputs, allowing you to connect microphones, guitars, or other line-level sources directly. This is especially useful for recording vocals, guitars, and various instruments in a band setup.

2. **Additional Line Inputs:** The Scarlett 18i8 goes beyond the typical four inputs and provides four additional fixed-line inputs. These can be used for sending audio to external effects pedals or for setting up cue mixes, where each band member can have a personalized headphone mix while recording.

3. **Focusrite Control Compatibility:** The interface is compatible with Focusrite Control, a software application that offers extensive control over the interface's features. It allows you to set up custom monitor mixes and routing configurations, making it easier to manage your recording sessions.

4. **Two Virtual Inputs:** With the two virtual inputs, you can capture a stereo feed using any combination of hardware inputs and software playback channels. This feature is particularly useful for podcasting, live streaming, or sampling applications.

5. **ALT Speaker Switching:** The ALT speaker switching functionality is designed for dual monitor setups, allowing you to switch between different sets of studio monitors for reference and comparison.

6. **Upgraded Mic Preamps with Air Effect:** The Scarlett 18i8 features upgraded mic preamps, which provide clean and transparent amplification for your microphones. Additionally, the "Air" effect emulates the classic transformer-based Focusrite ISA preamp, adding a subtle high-frequency boost to the sound.

7. **Quickstart Tool:** The interface comes with a Quickstart tool, which simplifies the setup process, getting you up and running quickly.

8. **Low-Latency USB Driver:** The low-latency USB driver ensures a reliable and stable connection to your computer, minimizing delay during recording and monitoring.

9. **3-Year Warranty:** Focusrite provides a three-year warranty, offering peace of mind and support for any manufacturing faults or defects.

The Scarlett 18i8 USB Audio Interface is a feature-packed device that empowers bands and musicians to record studio-quality music in their own environment. With its multiple inputs, flexible routing options, and Focusrite's renowned preamp technology, it serves as a reliable and high-performance tool for both recording and monitoring purposes.