Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface

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The Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen Audio Interface is a powerful and versatile USB audio interface designed by Focusrite for music production enthusiasts and professionals who have a wide range of music production gear. It offers a variety of connectivity options, high-resolution audio capabilities, and useful features to make it the central hub for connecting hardware instruments to software-based recording environments.

**Key Features:**

1. **Connectivity:** The Scarlett 8i6 uses a USB Type-C connection and follows the USB 2.0 protocol, providing a fast and stable data transfer between the interface and the computer.

2. **Simultaneous I/O:** The interface offers 8 inputs and 6 outputs, enabling you to record and monitor multiple audio sources simultaneously.

3. **Audio Resolution:** With a high A/D (Analog-to-Digital) resolution of 24-bit/192kHz, the Scarlett 8i6 ensures you can capture and reproduce audio with exceptional clarity and fidelity.

4. **Preamps and Phantom Power:** It comes equipped with 2 preamps that provide clean and transparent amplification for microphones or instruments. Phantom power is available, allowing you to use condenser microphones that require it.

5. **Pads and Instrument Inputs:** The 2 available pads help attenuate the input level for hot signals, such as those from guitars with active pickups. Additionally, there are 2 instrument inputs for directly connecting electric guitars and basses.

6. **Line Inputs and Analog Outputs:** With 6 line inputs, you can connect hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and other line-level audio sources. The interface also provides 4 analog outputs for connecting studio monitors and other audio equipment.

7. **Headphone Outputs:** It offers 2 dedicated headphone outputs, each with its own volume control, allowing for private monitoring or collaborative listening sessions.

8. **Digital I/O:** The Scarlett 8i6 features S/PDIF digital inputs and outputs, which are useful for connecting digital audio devices.

9. **MIDI I/O:** MIDI connectivity is included, enabling you to integrate MIDI controllers and hardware synthesizers into your setup.

10. **Loopback:** The loopback function allows you to capture computer audio alongside your other audio sources, making it useful for podcasting, live streaming, and other applications.

11. **Power Supply:** The interface requires a separate power supply, ensuring stable and reliable operation.

12. **Form Factor:** The Scarlett 8i6 has a desktop form factor, which makes it convenient for positioning on your studio desk.

**Dimensions:** The interface's dimensions are approximately 47.5 x 210 x 149.5 mm, making it relatively compact and portable.

Overall, the Scarlett 8i6 3rd Gen Audio Interface is a feature-rich and high-performance device that serves as an essential tool for connecting and recording audio from a wide range of music production gear. Its robust build, excellent audio quality, and extensive connectivity options make it a reliable centerpiece for both home studios and professional setups.