Ibiza Sound DS40 Portable DJ Stand

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Introducing the Ibiza Sound DS40, a versatile and fully portable DJ stand that empowers you to create a dedicated DJ area in any space. With its effortless assembly and disassembly, this stand is incredibly convenient and can be easily transported using the included carry bag. Its smart design makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, schools, colleges, music venues, and live events.

The DS40 features a spacious main shelf, measuring 130cm wide, offering ample space to accommodate two turntables or media players, along with a DJ mixer and other essential gear. The stand exudes a sleek and professional look, enhancing your setup's visual appeal. Additionally, it features a provision for an optional light stand (DS40-SL) if desired. To ensure a polished appearance, the DJ booth comes with a black and white stand cover, and its intelligent design allows for quick and easy assembly and dismounting. A white cloth front cover is also included, ensuring the chassis of the DJ Stand remains discreetly hidden during performances.

Ibiza Sound DS40 Portable DJ Stand Key Features:

  • Shelf for the equipment
  • Provision for DS40-SL
  • White front mounted cloth for professional use.

Ibiza Sound DS40 Portable DJ Stand Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 147 x 73 x 130cm
  • Weight: 25kg