Mackie CR3-X Multimedia Active Monitor Speakers

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The Mackie CR3-X active monitor speakers are great for media producers, editors, and vloggers, that want a no-nonsense solution for quality audio production. The sleek design means they will sit perfectly at your workstation. PC Gamers will be pleased as these speakers are also a perfect size for any computer desk.

The Mackie CR3X speakers deliver 50 watts of crystal clear sound production. The CR3 speakers come with high-quality wood cabinets for reduced noise and distortion; the polypropylene-coated woofers create a warm low and mid-range. The ferrofluid-cooled dome tweeters create a high-range that is clear and defined.

Tech Spec:

Woofer Size : 3"


  • Left/right 1/4'' TRS
  • Left/right RCA
  • 1/8'' (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack


  • 1/8'' (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack (headphones)
  • Spring-terminals for connecting passive speaker


  • Front volume control
  • Rear L/R powered speaker position select switch
  • Rear ON/OFF power switch

Bluetooth: No

Enclosure Front Material: Brushed metal panel

Power Supply: 100-240VAC

Power Connection: Fixed power cable

Weight: 4.11kg (pair)

Product Code: 2052116-03