Mackie CR4-XBT Bluetooth Studio Monitors

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The CR4-XBT Studio Monitor Speakers are ideal for any desktop-based media creators. Whether you make youtube videos or produce music, you need these speakers. The all-wooden design means the sonic performance is greater than speakers made with low-grade plastic. This helps to keep low-end rattle and distortion to a minimum.

The flexible inputs and outputs mean you can connect directly to a computer for ease or if you want to integrate with an external interface or mixer for added control - the choice is yours.

Tech Spec:

Woofer Size: 4''

Bluetooth: Yes


Left/right 1/4'' TRS
Left/right RCA
Bluetooth (for wireless audio streaming)


1/8'' (3.5mm) stereo mini-jack (headphones)
Spring-terminals for connecting passive speaker


Front volume control
Rear L/R powered speaker position select switch
Rear ON/OFF power switch

Enclosure Front Material: Brushed metal panel
Power Supply: 100-240VAC
Power Connection: Fixed power cable
Weight: 5.26kg (pair)