Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 Professional Digital / Analogue Hybrid Turntable

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Introducing the Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 turntable, a groundbreaking digital-analogue hybrid DJ turntable designed to revolutionize the way DJs perform. With its unique combination of DVS control for digital music and analogue playback for vinyl records, this turntable offers the best of both worlds, allowing DJs to elevate their performances to new heights.

One of the standout features of the PLX-CRSS12 is its DVS mode compatibility with popular DJ software like Serato DJ Pro and rekordbox. This mode eliminates the concern of needle skipping, providing a seamless and uninterrupted performance even during intense scratching. With tone-arm free playback, DJs can scratch true analogue records as vigorously as they desire without worrying about missing a beat.

When the desire to play a vinyl record arises, simply switch to Analogue mode, and the turntable's tone arm becomes functional for the traditional style of playback. This seamless transition between digital and analogue modes allows DJs to effortlessly mix and match different formats, enhancing their creative possibilities.

Another notable feature of the PLX-CRSS12 is the MAGVEL CLAMP, which offers customization options for the feel of the records. The rotation dial allows DJs to adjust the weight of the record according to their preference, offering a tailored experience for each individual. Additionally, the utility settings enable users to adjust the torque level and choose from three different stopping speeds, further fine-tuning the turntable to suit their specific mixing style.

With the Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12, DJs can say goodbye to the frustration of skipping needles and welcome a smoother, more reliable performance experience. This innovative turntable sets a new standard for the industry by blending the benefits of digital technology with the authenticity of analogue playback, providing DJs with a versatile and powerful tool to take their performances to new heights.


The Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 offers far more than just smooth scratching and intuitive performance. This turntable is designed to cater to a wide range of DJ styles and preferences, making it a versatile and creative tool for DJs of all levels.

The battle-style structure and MIDI mappable Performance Pads provide DJs with endless opportunities for creativity. The battle-style layout is particularly favored by DJs who enjoy turntablism and scratching techniques, allowing them to execute intricate and dynamic routines with ease. The MIDI mappable Performance Pads further enhance the creative possibilities, enabling DJs to customize their setup and assign various functions and effects to the pads, making it easier to add personal flair to their mixes.

The inclusion of an OLED display is another thoughtful addition that simplifies the DJ's experience. This display presents essential information, such as track information, BPM, and other performance-related data, in a clear and easily accessible manner, helping DJs stay focused and in control during their sets.

Moreover, the PLX-CRSS12 incorporates hidden enhancements to ensure exceptional sound quality. By leveraging components from the highly respected PLX-1000 turntable and adapting them for this model, Pioneer has achieved the best analogue sound quality available on any of their DJ decks. Audiophiles and purists alike will appreciate the dedication to maintaining and improving the audio fidelity, providing an unmatched listening experience for both digital and analogue sources.

In summary, the Pioneer DJ PLX-CRSS12 is a feature-packed turntable that caters to DJs looking for smooth scratching, versatile performance, and high-quality sound. Its battle-style structure, MIDI mappable Performance Pads, and OLED display open up endless creative possibilities, while the hidden enhancements ensure that DJs can achieve the best possible sound quality during their performances. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring DJ, the PLX-CRSS12 offers an exciting and cutting-edge experience for all music enthusiasts.

Replaceable MAGVEL CLAMP

You can store the MAGVEL Clamp neatly in a deicated area on top of the deck, where it's held in place magnetically. Additional clamps are also available to buy if you want to take your own set on the road to use in venues where a clamp may have been lost, or if you want to keep spares at your own venue.