QTFX-2000 MKII High Power Fog Machine

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The high-powered fog machine described is a versatile and efficient unit designed for large nightclubs, stages, and other events that require a substantial amount of fog output. With its high-pressure pump and intelligent temperature control, it can produce a massive amount of fog per minute, making it ideal for creating impactful visual effects. Let's explore its features and technical specifications in detail:


1. **High Fog Output:** The fog machine is equipped with a high-pressure pump, allowing it to produce up to 40,000 Cu Ft (1132m³) of fog per minute, delivering a dense and impressive fog effect.

2. **Easy Fog Fluid Loading:** The unit features a slot for a standard 5l bottle of fog fluid, eliminating the need to refill a separate tank and ensuring easy and clean loading.

3. **Control Options:** The fog machine can be operated using various control methods, including:
- Built-in timer output control.
- Wireless remote control, provided with a cable length of 5m for convenient operation from a distance.
- 1 channel DMX control for seamless integration into larger lighting setups.

4. **Anti-Jamming Pipe Technology:** The MIRROR piping patent technology reduces the rate of jamming, ensuring the fog machine operates efficiently and reliably.

5. **Intelligent Microcomputer Temperature Control:** The microcomputer keeps the temperature high, allowing the fog machine to run efficiently for extended periods without interruptions.

6. **Illuminated Tank:** The tank is illuminated to indicate when the machine is ready for use, providing a visual cue for users.

7. **Robust Metal Housing:** The fog machine is built with a sturdy metal housing, ensuring durability and protection during use and transportation.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
- **Fuse:** F10A (5 x 20mm)
- **Heating Element:** 2000W
- **Reheat Time:** 8 to 10 mins (approx.)
- **Fog Output (approx.):** 40,000 Cu Ft (1133m³)/min
- **Tank Capacity:** 5l
- **Remote Cable Length:** 5m
- **Remote Frequency:** 433MHz
- **DMX Connection:** XLR in/out (1-channel)
- **Dimensions:** 670 x 350 x 260mm
- **Weight:** 10kg

This high-powered fog machine is designed to meet the demands of large venues and events, providing an impressive fog output with efficient and reliable operation. Its multiple control options, including DMX compatibility, allow for seamless integration into various lighting and stage setups. The combination of advanced features, sturdy construction, and easy fog fluid loading makes it a valuable tool for creating captivating visual effects in nightclubs, stages, concerts, and other entertainment environments.