QTX Hazer HZ-3 700W Haze Machine

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The QTX Hazer HZ-3 700W is an upgraded and reliable haze machine designed for professional installations, providing a constant and smooth haze output for various applications. With its improved heater and digital display, this haze machine ensures rapid vaporization of fluid and reduced warm-up time. Let's explore its features and technical specifications:


1. **High Haze Output:** The Hazer HZ-3 produces an impressive haze output of approximately 2,400 cubic feet per minute (68m³/min), creating a thick and atmospheric haze effect.

2. **Temperature Control:** The haze machine features a relay temperature control system, ensuring constant temperature control for optimal performance and longevity.

3. **Reduced Condensation:** The uniquely designed nozzle reduces condensation build-up in the pipes, maintaining consistent haze output and reducing the need for maintenance.

4. **Digital Display Operation:** The haze machine now hosts an easy-to-use LED digital display, allowing for straightforward operation when used in standalone mode.

5. **True Constant Haze Output:** The machine ensures a true constant haze output, providing a smooth and even haze effect for the desired duration.

6. **Variable Output Angle:** The haze output angle can be adjusted as needed, allowing for flexibility in directing the haze effect.

7. **Low Fluid Indicator:** The Hazer HZ-3 is equipped with a low fluid indicator, alerting users when the fluid needs to be refilled, preventing interruptions during performances.

8. **Removable Fluid Tank:** The machine has a removable 1.6-liter fluid tank for easy and clean refilling.

9. **Timer Remote and DMX Control:** The haze machine can be operated using the included timer output remote control, or it can be connected to a 2-channel DMX system for automatic operation.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
- **Power:** 700W
- **Warm-Up Time:** 3 minutes (approx.)
- **Haze Output (approx.):** 2,400 CU Ft (68m³) / minute
- **Tank Capacity:** 1.6 liters
- **Dimensions:** 390 x 380 x 260mm
- **Weight:** 8kg

The QTX Hazer HZ-3 700W is an excellent choice for professional installations where a consistent and atmospheric haze effect is required. With its upgraded features, such as the improved heater, digital display, and variable output angle, this haze machine offers reliability and ease of use for various performance settings. Whether used in standalone mode, controlled with the included timer remote, or integrated into a DMX system, the Hazer HZ-3 delivers a high-quality haze effect for enhancing visual impact in theaters, concerts, and other professional setups.