QTX HAZYR-PRO Haze Generator 1000W

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The Hazyr-Pro from QTX is a professional-grade haze generator machine designed for high-power and precise haze output. Housed in a full flight case, this machine is ideal for professionals in the entertainment industry who require a reliable and efficient haze effect for various applications. Let's take a closer look at its features and technical specifications:


1. **High Volume Output:** The Hazyr-Pro is capable of producing thick clouds of haze with a high volume output, creating a dramatic and atmospheric effect for performances, events, and productions.

2. **Precise Output Control:** The machine allows for precise and accurate control over the haze output, ensuring that you can achieve the desired level of haze for your specific requirements.

3. **Flight Case:** The Hazyr-Pro comes housed in a full flight case, providing robust protection during transport and making it easier to handle during setup and teardown.

4. **Remote Control:** The included digital control panel is removable, allowing for remote control of the machine, giving you the flexibility to adjust settings from a distance.

5. **Inbuilt DC Fan:** The inbuilt DC fan provides additional control over the air-flow in the targeted area, ensuring precise and even distribution of the haze effect.

6. **DMX512 Operation:** The haze machine can be operated using DMX512 signal input, allowing integration with lighting and other stage effects for synchronized control.

7. **Auto-Timer Mode:** The machine features an auto-timer mode, which allows you to set pre-defined intervals for haze emission, adding convenience during performances.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 220-240Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
- **Power Consumption:** 1000W
- **Fuse:** F8AL
- **Warm-up Time:** 30-40 seconds
- **Haze Output:** Approximately 5000 cu ft (142m³) per minute
- **Controller:** Onboard digital control panel or DMX512 operation
- **DMX Channels:** 3
- **Fluid Capacity:** 2 liters
- **Dimensions:** 435 x 390 x 220mm
- **Weight:** 10.45kg

The Hazyr-Pro from QTX is a high-quality and powerful haze generator suitable for professional use in concerts, theater productions, live events, and more. Its precise output control, remote operation capabilities, and flight case packaging make it a reliable and convenient choice for professionals who need a consistent and atmospheric haze effect. Whether operated through DMX control or the onboard digital panel, the Hazyr-Pro delivers an impressive performance to enhance the visual impact of any show or event.