QTX High Power Smart LED Fog Machine 2000W

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The QTX High Output LED Fog Machine is a powerful and versatile fog generator designed to create an impressive fog effect with colorful LED lighting for bigger events and shows. Its high output and area coverage make it suitable for large venues, and it offers multiple control options for ease of operation. Let's explore its features and technical specifications:


1. **High Fog Output:** The fog machine delivers an impressive fog output of 72,000 cubic feet per minute (approximately 1133m³), creating a dense and atmospheric fog effect that covers a vast area.

2. **Six Powerful LED Lights:** The machine features six powerful 3W LEDs that add a bright and colorful light show to the fog effect, enhancing the visual impact of the fog output.

3. **Control Options:** The fog machine can be operated in three different ways - standalone mode, wireless remote control, or 7-Channel DMX control. This flexibility allows for convenient operation based on the requirements of the event.

4. **Detachable Fluid Bottle:** The machine's high-capacity fluid tank can hold up to 5.5 liters of fog fluid. The bottle is removable, making it easy to refill the fluid and maintain cleanliness.

5. **DMX Connectivity:** The fog machine offers both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connections for DMX control, providing compatibility with different DMX controllers and lighting setups.

6. **Fluid Recommendations:** The manufacturer recommends using QTX High-Quality (160.583UK), Premium (160.589UK), or (160.582UK) fog fluid for optimal performance with this machine.

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 230 Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
- **Fuse:** F10A
- **Power Consumption:** 2000W
- **Warm-up Time:** 5 to 6 minutes (approximately)
- **Fog Output:** Approximately 72,000 cu.ft/min
- **Tank Capacity:** 5.5 liters
- **LED Power:** 3W x 6pcs
- **Remote Frequency:** 433 MHz
- **DMX Connection:** XLR (3-pin/5-pin) in/out (6-channel)
- **Dimensions:** 550 x 280 x 280mm
- **Weight:** 10 kg

The QTX High Output LED Fog Machine is a professional-grade fog generator suitable for large events and productions. Its high fog output, colorful LED lighting, and various control options make it a versatile and powerful tool for creating captivating visual effects. Whether used as a standalone fog machine, controlled with a wireless remote, or integrated into a complex DMX lighting setup, it offers impressive fog effects that can elevate the ambiance of any event.