QTX STRATUS-1200: Low Level Fog Machine 1200W

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The QTX STRATUS is a low level fog effect machine that creates a mesmerizing ground-hugging mist similar to "dry ice" machines, but without the need for carbon dioxide or ice. This innovative technology utilizes regular fog fluid and water to produce a flowing mist, making it ideal for performance venues, themed events, and various entertainment setups. The STRATUS offers multiple control options, a compact form factor for easy transportation, and convenient access to the fluid and water reservoir.


1. **Impressive Ground-Hugging Mist Effect:** The STRATUS produces an impressive ground-hugging mist effect that adds a captivating and atmospheric ambiance to performance venues and themed events.

2. **Water and Fog Fluid Technology:** Unlike traditional dry ice machines, the STRATUS uses water and standard fog fluid to create the flowing mist effect, eliminating the need for dry ice or carbon dioxide.

3. **Small Form Factor and Easy Transportation:** The STRATUS has a small form factor, making it easy to transport and position in various locations.

4. **Control Options:** The main unit can be controlled through multiple options, including a wired digital control panel, an RF wireless remote, or a 2-channel DMX connection, providing flexibility and ease of operation.

5. **Removable Fluid Tank and Water Reservoir:** The machine features a removable fluid tank for fog fluid and a separate water reservoir with a drain tap for easy access and maintenance.

**In the Box:**

- Stratus 1200 fog machine
- Wired digital control panel (4.5m)
- RF remote control
- UK IEC lead (1.5m)
- EU IEC lead (1.5m)
- User guide

**Technical Specifications:**

- **Power Supply:** 220-240Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)
- **Power Consumption:** 1200W
- **Fuse:** F5A
- **DMX Channels:** 2CH
- **Warm-Up Time:** 3-5 minutes
- **Remote Control Connection:** 5 Pin DIN
- **Remote Control Frequency:** 433Mhz
- **Fog Output:** 7500 cuft per min (cubic feet per minute)
- **Fluid Capacity:** 1.2 liters (fog fluid), 3 liters (water)
- **Dimensions:** 510 x 360 x 260mm
- **Weight:** 9.3kg

The QTX STRATUS low level fog effect machine offers an impressive ground-hugging mist effect without the need for dry ice or carbon dioxide. Its versatile control options, compact design, and convenient fluid and water reservoirs make it an excellent choice for enhancing the visual experience in performance venues, themed events, and various entertainment settings. With its ease of use and remarkable mist effect, the STRATUS provides a captivating and atmospheric touch to any event or performance.